[0.9.13] Replay Manager


Suffice it useful mod for those who like to view their fights – replays. It helps to streamline all records of fighting and facilitate the work with them and it’s all right in the game client. Download a manager for replays to WOT 0.9.14 may be right on this page.

Mod Manager replays for World of Tanks has the following tasks:

  • list all replays in a convenient and readable form
  • the ability to use different filters to help you find the desired replay
  • output of results in the fight for all usual format (as standard)
  • loading replay on the site directly from the client wotreplays.com

Copy the folder gui and scripts from the archive in the WOT/res_mods/0.9.14/.
After installing the new version is required to remove the old cache file fashion – ReplaysCache.cache, which is located in the game folder.


replaysmanager914-en-com.zip (678 Kb)

replaysmanager914-en-eu.zip (678 Kb)

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