[1.4.1] 30 multiple sniper zoom mode for sight


With the release of an update to 1.4.1 precision guns will get nerfed and in this approximation will become much harder. But do not be alarmed, because you can put a 16 times zoom modes, which can bring the sniper scope 2 times closer than the default multiplicity. And with the help of it you can already more likely to hit the target. But as always, the choice we leave you, you will still be able to set yourself 30 times zoom mode, because we have prepared for you a few options Zoom:

  • smooth zoom mode x30 (1.6 3 5 8 13 17 21 24 27 30)
  • fast zoom mode x30 (2 4 8 12 16 20 22 25 30)
  • smooth zoom mode x16 (2 4 8 12 16)
  • fast zoom mode x16 (2 4 8 16)

Zoom In:

x10-zoom x8-zoom x4-zoom x2-zoom 113

How to install its own version of the zoom in sight?

If you are approached, none of the above proposed approach options to the sniper scope, then you yourself will need to enter the desired value and move the sight of multiplicity in the configuration file (WOT/res_mods/1.4.1/ gui/ ZoomX.xml). Total available 10 positions sight multiplicity. Maximum number of approximations in the sniper scope – x30.
Copy «gui» & «scripts» to «..\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\1.4.1».

IMPORTANT! After installation, be sure to include the fashion fold approach to the game (Esc - Settings in the right-hand column), otherwise you in his sights will be available only 4 to scroll position.


Download Working zoom In/Out + Server Reticle:

zoom-mod (383 Kb)



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