AIOMOD modpack compatible with the latest version of the game client 9.12. In this assembly includes the best mods for World of Tanks modification, from the sight and ending XVM. All you need for a comfortable game can be found in this assembly. Here you can download the latest version AIOMOD v6.1.6.1 (English). Learn all about the update is available later in this article. Download and enjoy a successful assembly mods.

AIOMOD_screenshot_5 AIOMOD_screenshot_1 AIOMOD_screenshot_2 AIOMOD_screenshot_3 AIOMOD_screenshot_4


  • J1mB0’s Crosshairs
  • Gun Traverse Indicator for SPG and TD.
  • Old Server Side Reticle
  • Max Zoom Arcade + Arty
  • FullScreen Scope (Sniper Mode)
  • Accurate Damage Indicator
  • Fire Alarm Sound
  • Custom SixthSense + Audio
  • XVM Lite – Version without in-game players ratio
  • XVM Full – Version with Stats (Optional)
  • No Intro Video
  • Displays symbol is Enemy tank has stock turret.


  • Icons modules, shells and consumables
  • Colored messages
  • MiniMap + Laser
  • Railway Colored
  • Colored Icons Tanks (H. M, L, TD, A)
  • Multilined Tank Carousel
  • Default Damage Panel (show log of received damage & own hits)
  • Accurate Damage indicator
  • Clock in Battle Loading
  • Custom sixth sense indicator (To change sixth sense indicator place alternative PNG image to: res_mods\xvm\res\SixthSense.png )
  • Garage
  • Date, time in Garage
  • Extra statistic information in Battle Reports, Service Record and new Gadget
  • In XVM Full: Chance to win & more.

How to install:
Copy the folder res_mods to directory: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\
Changelog AIOMOD v6.0.3 Build 3977:

  1. Mod updated for WoT 0.9.6 micro patch
  2. Fix Distancing camera after destroying the tank
  3. XVM Config Update
  4. XVM:
    added macro {{r}} – player’s rating (type of rating can be selected in the personal cabinet:
    macros renamed:
    {{rating}} => {{winrate}}
    {{t-rating}} => {{t-winrate}}
    colors and alpha sections renamed: “rating” => “winrate”
    added global macro {{my-frags}}


[0912]AIOMOD_Installer_v6_1_6.rar (26.74 Mb)
[0912]AIOMOD_v6_1_6_.rar (21.03 Mb)


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