[1.4.1] Amway921 modpack v.1

Amway921 modpack

Assembling all kinds of mods on the player Amway921 for World of Tanks Patch 1.4.1 has established itself as one of the best. Modpack download a lot of players and this assembly is not inferior to the famous nothing from Jove. Fashion will help you change the interface of the game client and the game much easier. In the assembly of Amway921 collected only the best fashion that the maximum simplify your game. Download assembly for wot 1.4.1 from Amway921 can on our website with a decent speed.

List of mods mods included in the assembly:

  • eXtended Visualization Mod – advanced markers, flying off the damage, modification Capture and log the
  • damage done;
  • Automatic detection of the current review of the tank;
  • Replacement of standard sounds of the game: “Call” at critical damage to the module and the sound when
  • triggered perk “6th sense”;
  • Superior direction indicator attack;
  • Improved indicator of the amount of shells;
  • Increasing the display “light bulb” when triggered perk “6th sense”;
  • Display a single marker on the minimap for TT10;
  • SafeShot: ban shooting just destroy tanks;
  • Removal of camouflage, logos and labels on the tanks;
  • Sights with advanced features;
  • Customizable panel damage: Standart Damage Panel and Custom Damage Panel;
  • Disabling shake and flashing images when damaged;
  • Angles traverse for Art-ACS and ACS-Fri;
  • Zoom: commander camera with the ability to disable the dynamic effects of the chamber;
  • NoScroll: sniper scope only by pressing the ” Shift ”;
  • ZoomX: selector sniper scope (x2, x4, x8, x16);
  • Deleting a blackout sniper scope;
  • Detailed statistics for the session on the server;
  • Colored report on the outcome of battle;
  • The in-game replays manager;
  • White texture on the skeleton tanks destroyed;
  • Various interface improvements and performance.

How to install modpack from AnTiNooB for World of Tanks?

  1. Unzip the downloaded archive.
  2. Run the installer file (.exe).
  3. Follow the instructions in the installer and select the desired mode.
  4. Follow the instructions to finish the installation.
  5. Start the game as usual. Release – Update # 5 from 11.08.2016.

«XVM»: to version;
«PMOD»: to version # 22-5;
«DamageLog»: fixed disappearing hits log in postmortem mode;
Fixed incorrect display of elements when on the installer interface scaling.

0.9.9 Release – Update # 2 from 07.15.2015.
«XVM»: to version 6.1.3-r4623;
«PMOD»: to version 0.9.9 # 17-1;
«Zoom / ZoomX / NoScroll»: up to version 0.9.9;
Turning off the fog on the cards and increased visibility“: up to version 0.9.9;
Minimalistic hanger“: Fixed lighting in the hangar.

Download Mod Pack from Amway921 for World of Tanks 1.4.1:

Download amway921.zip (73.8 MB)

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