Anfield’s Mod Pack


Mod Pack by Anfield’s for World of Tanks. A small set of add-ons that make it much easier gameplay. Heed all modes and install them.

Mod List:

  • Locastans: Minimap, Service Record, Tank Carousel
  • My Aiming Reticle
  • Scope Shadow Remover
  • Zoidberg Sixth Sense
  • XVM
  • Berlin Garage Mod
  • Zoom out mod
  • Damage Taken Indicator
  • Damage Dealt Indicator
  • Games Played Messenger (the bottom right battle info with calculated win rates ect)

57 136 310 410

To Enable XVM stats please follow these instructions:

YouTube Preview Image Changelog:

  • WN8 fully implemented (other than color blind as I can’t edit colors yet on wn8). Colors are now representative of WN8 and not WN7
  • Added 30x extra sniper mod zoom in, since you’ve all begged

Download Mod Pack by Anfield’s:

Anfield’s Mod Pack (13.73 Mb)

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