[0.9.16] AnTiNooB modpack v28.0


One of the best assemblies mods for World of Tanks from AnTiNooB. This mod pack assembled on conscience and offers the player a lot of useful mods to improve his game skills. Download mod pack from AnTiNooB by the link at the end of the article, and it is not necessary to think, because it is the first step to improving your gameplay and winning honors.

The assembly includes:

  • Various arcade, sniper and tactical sights;
  • Dark hangar;
  • Hit points in the ears;
  • Colored posts after a fight;
  • Rating effectiveness in combat;
  • Mod on the total number of hit points of both teams;
  • Removed the darkness in the sniper scope;
  • Detailed statistics after the fight;
  • The total number of hit points of both teams;
  • Estrangement camera;
  • Dashboard;
  • Server sight;
  • Max. range of visibility;
  • Mod for WG FM;
  • Mod on white whipped tracks;
  • Tanks in 2 rows;
  • “Dzynk” if damaged module with nat. voice acting;
  • The sound of a fire;
  • White corpses;
  • Convenient combat interface (panel damage, showing a tank and some shell struck Islands, etc.);
  • Showing the damage done to the enemy;
  • Showing the remaining xn opponents (which, even without a light) by pressing alt;
  • Showing of number of enemies that captures database;
  • Signature of tanks on the minimap;
  • Radius glare of your tank on the map;
  • Detailed description of the skills and abilities, as well as achievements;
  • Calculator armor;
  • Sauron is watching you! (light shows the guaranteed time out of the light);
  • A more prominent indicator of the direction from which received damage;
  • Sessional statistics;
  • Improved minimap;
  • ENT;
  • ZoomX (up to x30);
  • Information on the release of a new version of the assembly (Thanks PROtanki);
  • Gold Award tanks in the hangar;
  • Display ping servers in the login window and in the hangar;
  • Avtoposadka crew;
  • Removed intro;
  • Watches in the hangar;
  • Slightly improved panel shells;
  • Mod on distance to the nearest enemy;
  • Mod Battle assistant – improved sight for Arta;
  • Direction trunks enemies on the minimap;
  • The range of 15m from the bushes;
  • Show enemies lighted (in the ears).
  • And as a small detail and refinement to the stability of the game)

How to install modpack from AnTiNooB for World of Tanks?

  1. Unzip the downloaded archive.
  2. Run the installer file (.exe).
  3. Follow the instructions in the installer and select the desired mode.
  4. Follow the instructions to finish the installation.
  5. Start the game as usual.

WARNING !!! Before you install the assembly, clean the folder res_mods! And do not place on top of the assembly side of fashion in order to avoid glitches and so on!

Updated v25.3:

  • Update VCM;
  • Updated fashion;
  • Fixed bugs;
  • Adapted for new updates;

Updated v22.0

  • Temporarily remove the white caterpillars. (to avoid bugs)
  • Adaptation mods under 0.9.10
  • Updated XVM
  • Added Wot Tweaker
  • Added hangar and wheel load with my logo

Updated v21.0:

  • Time Removed Wot-Tweaker
  • Time Removed outside some fashion (will be added later)
  • Adaptatsiya Mods under the patch 9.9
  • Updated XVM
  • Melkie changes

Updated 2/10/2015 to version 18.1:

  • updated XVM
  • Advanced zoom modes added events
  • updated a lot of mods
  • fixed bugs

Download Mod Pack AnTiNooB for World of Tanks 0.9.16:

Download antinoob (127 MB)


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One thought on “[0.9.16] AnTiNooB modpack v28.0

  1. James

    i would have downloaded this mod pack but there are no previews or pictures of this mod pack. im sure more people feel the same way

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