[1.4.1] Armor condition indicator for WoT


Indicator armorbity in the game is not good enough to show the thickness of the opponent’s armor and it is not always clear whether you can break it or not. That’s why the fashion indicator for armor penetration was created for WOT 1.4.1

Option 1 – with numbers, subject to the given armor.

Its advantages are as follows:

  • is placed on any sight;
  • Displays your armor pouch in figures (mm), staining them in green or red.

In the same way, the screen takes into account the screens as the armor of the tank. The armor piercing capacity is calculated at the point where you point. If you see a green number, it means that you can penetrate the enemy’s armor. The more this number, the more chances you have to make it. If a red digit is displayed, then the opposite is true. Be careful, the mod does not take into account the angle of the projectile’s entry into the target.

After the last update, you can safely call it the mod calculator of the given armor. After all, now he also takes into account the angle of the entrance of the projectile, thereby maximally accurately telling you whether you can penetrate the enemy’s armor. Mod replaces the standard armor piercing marker marker that does not account for the angle, on the one that allows for.

Armor_condition_indicator_3 Armor_condition_indicator_1

Option 2 – no figures, taking into account the given armor

There is a version in the archive that does not display the arm thickness values. It simply replaces the standard breakout marker and improves it. After installing the mod, he begins to take into account the given armor. For example, in the picture below, you see that without a mod, the standard breakout marker is painted green, and with the installed mod, it is colored orange, which tells us that most of all we will not break the enemy.

The second version of the mod works with any sight downloaded from our site and built into their penetration calculator, if any. This is the most optimal variant of the penetration indicator, we advise you exactly it.

If you want to install the calculator of the given armor, one that takes into account the tilt of the armored sheet and displays the thickness of the armor and the penetration of your projectile, be sure to go here. – Mod calculator of the armored tanks for WOT 1.1 (no Pmod).

Installation and configuration

Installing an option from Ekspoint:
Copy the mods folder to the game folder.

Setting the option from Makct;
Copy the scripts folder to World of Tanks\res_mods\1.4.1.

You can configure the mod at


Armor_condition_indicator.zip (272 Kb)

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