Arti25 modpack for World of Tanks


Mod pack of Arti25 — a small collection of useful additions to the game World of Tanks. Arti25 user for a long time did not please us with new versions modpaka, and finally it happened. Download the latest version of modpack Arti25 for WoT.

In this modpack includes such fashion:

  • The sight of Flash.
  • Removal of darkness into sniper mode.
  • Standard panel damage equipped Logue of the damage.
  • Minimap with larger icons tanks.
  • Rose more functional teams (key «Z»).
  • Famous zoom-modes (commander’s chamber), which allows the camera zoom out as far as you want it.


YouTube Preview Image


How to install:

  • Clean out your old mods res_mods
  • Unpack the archive to the root of the game

Download Mod Pack Arti25 for World of Tanks:

Download arti25.rar (11.66 MB)

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