[1.4.1] Aslain’s XVM Mod + ModPack Installer #00


This mod is for those who are tired of the usual indicators of damage and who are tired of the standard icons tanks. Standard icons tanks do not show as much information as Aslain’s XVM Mod. With it, you will know the number of fights player, rating and more. This mod was one of the first, he came back in 2010, back when the game World of Tanks has been in beta testing. With Aslain’s XVM Mod player will get much more information about the enemy and you will know how to behave themselves in battle.


In addition to the fashion we offer a download from the author modpak XVM.


v1.1.0.1 #00 (20-09-2018):

  • initial compatibility with WoT
  • updated XVM 7.7.3
  • updated PMOD v1.35.3
  • updated client language files
  • updated anti-mirror files
  • removed YasenKrasen Text extension

v1.0.0.3 #02 (11-04-2018):

  • updated XVM 7.5.6-dev [8291]
  • updated crosshair: Melty
  • added crosshair: Strike
  • added Johny_Bafak’s Vertical Techtree [beta] (without tank skins)

v9.19.1.2 #00 (16-08-2017):

  • compatibility with WoT

v9.19.1.1 #04 (15-08-2017):

  • updated carousel stats by DEbranded
  • updated Pathfinder v2.0
  • updated Battle Hits Viewer
  • fixed contour icons: Grandorf, Aslains original colored

v9.19.0.1 #00 (02-06-2017):

  • initial version for WoT
  • updated XVM to 6.7.2
  • removed YK Text extension [waiting for update]

v9.19.0 #05 (31-05-2017):

  • added Elkano’s Received Damage Announcer
  • added tank skins (Milkym4n etc.)
  • updated XVM to nightly 7573
  • updated Damage Log Gambiter
  • updated session stats YasenKrasen 9.19
  • updated Session Stats TimeSpent
  • updated contour icons: PogS, Panzerschiffer, Frost, Witblitz

v9.17.0.3 #00 (24-01-2017):

  • initial version for WoT
  • updated XVM to v6.5.4
  • updated Battle Observer
  • updated Change client messages to Polish language
  • updated Advanced tips for skills [PL]

v9.16 build 00 (05-10-2016):

  • initial adaptation for WoT 0.9.16
  • updated XVM to v6.4.6.1
  • updated PMOD 0.9.16 #23-0
  • updated Battle Assistant v1.3.8
  • updated AutoAim Indication+
  • updated WoT Tweaker
  • updated ATAC! (enemy in proximity 100m warning)
  • updated Multi Hit Log – InBattle WN8, EFF, Damage (by eskpoint)
  • updated Hitlog Announcer without XVM (by ekspoint)
  • updated Team HP by Armagoman
  • updated Versus mod
  • updated crosshair: Harpoon
  • updated White Dead skins
  • updated Time Spent session stats
  • updated Damage Log Gambiter script
  • updated WG Radio FM
  • removed incompatible mods (at least these I discovered, there might be more..)
  • note: all XVM sound mods has been disabled until they are fixed by the XVM Team
  • note: the greyed out mods (unselectable) are disabled by me, you cannot install them on purpose, they simply don’t work currently, and requires update


  • initial version for WoT
  • updated the minimap images from 9.16 CT
  • updated XVM to v6.4.3

v9. (16-08-2016):

  • fixed installing crosshair J1mbo version 1
  • fixed Battle Results Informer with connection to YasenKrasen session stats
  • turned off debug panel in Team HP Armagomen
  • updated Vbaddict scripts
  • updated Vehicle Exp Extended
  • updated Versus mod
  • added Sexy Battle Results
  • added contour icons: Webium, Jackhammer by Tomsa, corecroft27
  • added OTM by Webium
  • added ability to select XVM clock 12h or 24h

v9.15.1.06 (04-08-2016):

  • updated XVM 6.4.0 (some parts of mod still not working, like minimap, tank carousel etc.)
  • fixed picture preview error when selecting crosshair HARDscope
  • added OTM by Aslain (also changed floating damage style, now it has black shadow instead of white, and xvm colors)
  • added XVM Hitlog by Aslain (with sub options)

v9.15.16 (12-06-2016):

  • added MeltyMap’s MathMod with effective armor calc [beta version] (by elementofprgress)
  • added OTM by Anfield
  • updated HangMan hanagr manager
  • updated Battle Assistant v1.3.5
  • updated Team HP Bar by Armagomen v1.8.2
  • updated Info Panel
  • notice: the installer is now hosted on few different download mirrors, this is a new stuff, if you’re getting corrupted downloads from there, please re-download the file, or use different browser, download manager, or ultimately a torrent client.


  • updated XVM (5303)
  • updated easycrosshairs script v6.1 [very important critical update!!!] (used in most of crosshairs)
  • added 6th sense icon: The Witcher sign
  • changed default zoom from PMOD to XVM


  • initial version for WoT 0.9.14
  • many mods were removed and requires update
  • all sound mods stopped to work
  • added OTM Reloads by RN
  • updated Extra Aim Info by ekspoint
  • updated Gun Reload Sounds (by Aslain, ekspoint) [sound_notifications.xml not needed anymore]
  • small fix applied to Damage Log Gambiter config

v4.6.0 (02-09-2015):

  • compatibility with WoT 0.9.10
  • some mods were disabled because not working in current update
  • some mods were removed because authors abondoned modding and mod is not working (ie. Locastan)
  • most mods should work, when I discover faulty mod, will remove it or update if possible
  • don’t ask for your favorite 9.9 mod to be back to modpack, I’ll take care of it without need of requests
  • note: current XVM is still being developed and may cause small issues, mostly on battle loading window


  • updated Gnomefather’s engine sounds (gun sounds are bugged, won’t update yet)
  • added Hit sounds from WoT 0.8.5 by DJ_DveiPL
  • added Crew voices from WoT 0.6.6 by DJ_DveiPL (english)
  • added Women crew voices by skot1&Beshi (polish)


  • corrected font in option Battleloading with vehicle names
  • changed script in following crosshairs: Zayaz, Blue, Taipan, Kellerman, Overcross
  • updated ingame battle results in YasenKrasen session stats
  • fixed daily reset in YasenKrasen session stats


  • added Elkano’s Minimap Ping Spam Blocker (loc. bottom of the installer)
  • added Kellerman Green crosshair
  • updated polish version of Sixth Sense Duration mod


  • replaced bugged Team HP Bar by Leeuniverse with the one by Armagomen (fix to CW battle start counter)
  • re-added previous version of OTM reload


  • updated XVM to v6.1.2 (again, since XVM made two “same” version that day, the 2nd one is more stable)
  • updated SeaFalcons Damage Panel + Hitlog v9.8.3
  • updated Jahral’s Damage Panel [optimized for 1920×1080]
  • updated Taipan crosshair
  • added Damage Panel with Angle Indicator and HitLog v9.8.2 |SoloReborn|
  • added Locastan’s full session stats for 9.8.1
  • added Spotted extended v3.03 Light by spoter (hope I translated it well)
  • replaced Turret Fix mod with Server turret extended v1.04 by spoter
  • renamed mod component AutoEquip to Equip Auto Return
  • fixed saving .inf log


  • removed Accurate Damage Indicator #5 (bugged)
  • updated Hangar-Manager ‘HangMan’ v1.9.1
  • updated Aslain’s minimapLines.xc (changed line style)
  • fixed options for Minimap Tankview Extended
  • fixed Dellux crosshair
  • rebranched xvm minimap camera line section


  • updated XVM to nighly build 4245
  • updated Radial Menu python script
  • updated UT Announcer Gen2
  • updated Dellux crosshair (doesn’t depend on sights.pyc since now)
  • following mods were removed due to uncertain stability: Allied silouhettes by Locastan, Direction indicator
  • extended by spoter, AutoAim Indication+, Spotted extended by spoter, Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle,
  • Autoaim extended by spoter, Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle

v4.3.4 (28-04-2015):

  • updated XVM
  • updated Witblitz – Super Mini
  • updated Locastans hd minimap
  • updated vito74ms better minimaps
  • updated Allied silouhettes by Locastan
  • updated locastans UI mod (beta) [scaling UI elements for 4K resolution]
  • updated Gnomefather’s gun sounds v1.962

Unzip & copy everything to …\res_mods\1.4.1
Download and install required fonts from here.
Launch the game and go to Settings -> Game Tab -> uncheck: Show vehicle tier

Download Aslain’s XVM Mod:

 For 1.4.1

Aslain’s XVM Mod + ModPack Installer v00 (137 Mb)

XVM with my config only (46.0 Mb)

how to install

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