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Good afternoon tankers!

We would like to offer a very popular modpack, it gathers only the best modes. Assembling mods popular German forum mods are compatible with the latest version of World of Tank 9.8 and tested. Mod pack is translated into two languages: English and German.


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Mods included:


  • Default Crosshair
  • J1mB0’s — Jimbos popular Crosshair
  • Deegies — futuristic Crosshair with tank infos
  • DM SWord — compact Crosshair with Extra info
  • Taipan — modern green Crosshair

Mods for Garage:

  • Hangar
  • Loadingscreen + Clock — Shows the logo at gamestart and bring you a clock in the hangar
  • Session Statistics
  • Vertical TechTree

Tank carousel:

  • One rows
  • Two rows
  • Three rows

XVM mod:

  • XVM+Config — latest XVM with auto login and the popular config from Hilzi1984
  • 6th sense mod
  • XVM clanlogos

Ingame mods:

  • Damage Pannel (with hit counter)
  • Damage Indicator
  • Sniper mod
  • No scope shadow
  • Spotted mod
  • Auto Fire
  • Safe Shot
  • Ingame Macros (Key Y)
  • Paintball mod
  • White Dead tanks
  • Auto Equip
  • Received damage Announcer
  • Max Farplane
  • No Fog
  • Info Panel
  • «Noob» Chat Filter


  • Keine Hitzones
  • Hitzones LQ
  • Hitzone Skin HQ


  1. Download the program and Run installer
  2. Select your mods
  3. Enjoy!


[BV] Mod Collection Installer 9.08.03 (2 Mb)

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