[1.4.1] Calculator of armor penetration for WOT (no Pmod)


Most of you are looking armor calculator for World of Tanks. Do you want to break through all the tanks, but can not remember their weaknesses. To do this, there are breakout areas, but all of you like to put on the extra tanks image, the brighter the color, for often vulnerable zones designated in this way.

Standard marker penetration, when you move into the area where the tank armor is thin, always lights up green, and the green color – a color we sure penetration. But he did not take into account the reduced armor and shields. That is, if the enemy becomes a rhombus or his vulnerable area is under some sort of angle – all affect the projectile entering angle in the tank, even when the green color marker your projectile can penetrate armor or ricochet therefrom. Thus, all these shortcomings make a standard marker of penetration is almost useless.

Therefore, the usefulness of the armor of tanks calculator can hardly be overestimated. After installing it, you will no longer need to shoot at random and you think will strike the target or not. With this mode, you will know in advance if your projectile will penetrate enemy armor at the place where you are aiming. there are lots of options for different armor calculators, but really good one and then they come in pack or events, or to some complex fashion on the Internet.
For example all known mods solyanka P-mod is the best calculator broneprobitiya, but in addition it also includes a host of other mods that do not all want to put.We are proud to introduce you to fashion a calculator for reduced armor tanks WOT, which has exactly the same functionality as its counterpart in the P-mod, but unlike him, you can install our events separately. By installing it on your scope will start to take into account not only the thickness of the armor in building site, but also the angle of the projectile entering into this place, and the calculation of the thickness of armor Buda as accurate as possible.
How to install:
 Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT), confirming the replacement.The mod settings file is located here: \World_of_Tanks\mods\configs\ekspoint\mod_reducedArmor.json I recommend to open it using NotePad ++.If you already have an armor calculator in the sight and you do not need an additional field to display this information, you can turn it off by changing this line as follows: “custom_flash”: false. The default is true.

IMPORTANT! If for some reason you mod did not work, then you are on the standard version of the P-MoD (with extended should be no problem). Then turn on the calculator broneprobitiya directly to the P-mod in the \ scripts file \ client \ gui \ mods \ mod_pmod.json.

// True – enable the module. (Only send data in a sight image)
// True – enable the module. (Only sending data to a sight file)
“Enable”: true,
// Use your own flash to output data.
// Use own flash for data output.
“Enable_flash”: true,


Download calculator of armor penetration:

Calculator of armor penetration (79 KB)

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8 thoughts on “[1.4.1] Calculator of armor penetration for WOT (no Pmod)

  1. david

    thanks,this works very fine but how can i chamge it’s location? I need it near the center of the crosshair.

    By default it’s positioned lower and hard to see in fast combats.

  2. what ever

    1. GO to “World_of_Tanks\mods\configs\ekspoint”
    2.Open mod_reducedArmor.json with Notepad++
    3. under “Arcade” and “Sniper”, Change “y” value to 0
    4. Save
    The armor calculator should now be right under the crosshair. just do this for every update. Have Fun!

    1. ever what

      “3. under “Arcade” and “Sniper”, Change “y” value to 0″

      well still nothing

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