Minimap 1.4.1

Why do we need minimap, you ask? Yes, because the game without it becoming very uncomfortable and impossible. The minimap 1.4.1 is of great importance in the conduct of the battle, and properly configured minimap is a very useful tool for every tank driver. Small map in the lower right corner of the screen, allows you to track your allies and other enemy forces on the map. The standard minimap from the developers did not give all the opportunities that require soldiers. So players rework fashion mini card to fit your needs. There appear the names of tanks, and place the last glare of the enemy, and the maximum draw circles, and even a lot of the information you need. Now a glance at the lower left corner of the display is enough to understand what tactics to choose to continue the battle. I think you will agree with the statement that a careful analysis of evidence minimap – is the key to winning the battle. A recently become available cards with HD quality landscape. That is, unless the gaming locations is new to you, you can quickly become familiar with it.