Sight (Crosshair) 1.4.1

Download free Sight (Crosshair) for World of Tanks 1.4.1. Sights for World of Tanks can be considered one of the most popular and downloadable add-ons. After all, the standard scope of gaming is not to everyone’s taste, it has a lot of flaws and shortcomings. Today, a variety of sights for WoT simply enormous. So you can download the minimal scope, historical or most feature-rich as in Star Wars. Almost all sights added a lot of useful information: penetration of the projectile, the thickness of armor, the zoom indicator recharge time and so on.

Modified sights are almost all tanks and a small part uses the standard. There are many popular sights, such as the sight of Jove, or the sight of MeltyMap, who had already won a place in the daily game a lot of tankers, as well as less popular, but they still find their fans.