Chainer’s (Ch4iner) WoT ModPack


Presented modpack contains the best add-ons and features that should help in the battle. Set of additions from Chainer’s for World of Tanks does not contain extra mods and add-ons that flank the player extra information, and the most important thing in battle. All the most necessary for the player.


  • XVM (my own config)
  • GambitER’s Damage Panel (my own config)
  • Zoom Out Mod
  • My own tank icons


  • J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod
  • Sixth Sense sound
  • Multilined TankCarousel – 2-lined tank carousel (part of XVM)
  • No Scroll Mod

29diql5.jpg i6wi1x.jpg


YouTube Preview Image


  • Mods adapted to game version
  • XVM updated
  • GambitER’s DamageLog updated
  • Minimap aim icon added (for arty)
  • GambitER’s DamageLog appearance modified, still not final
  • Minor adjustments in battle statistic form (TAB) formatting

Changelog:  version

  • Mods adapted on game version 0.9.7

Changelog: version #2

  • Enemy Spotted Marker (light bulbs next to enemy Players Panel) fixed
  • Separators in Statistic Form (TAB) fixed


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Select the desired mode
  3. Put res_mods folder from the archive into the game folder: World_of_Tanks \

Download Chainer’s (Ch4iner) WoT ModPack:

cwm- [13.42 MB]

Archive (no installer): (10.0 MB; English) (10.0 MB; Czech)

Does not include: J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod, Sixth Sense sound, No Scroll Mod, Multilined TankCarousel (2-lined)

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