[1.4.1] Complete disabling of combat chat (mod)


This modification for World of Tanks 1.4.1 allows you to disable the combat chat completely and to stop the correspondence with other players in the random house. Often, unscrupulous players use combat chat not for purposes. They can advertise their clan or enter into verbal skirmishes with the players on the team. Censored words can be used during correspondence. If you are already tired of all this, we propose to install a mod to disconnect the combat chat in the game WoT.

In the fashion «Disconnect chat» provides for a complete deactivation of allies, including clicks on the minimap. Now you can isolate players who have nothing to do, because they were destroyed. Their «smart» advice and «valuable» comments will remain unread.


And this is not all the difference from the standard feature. Modification also blocks fast messages such as «recharge for so many seconds», «so accurate», «not at all» and deletes the coordinates on the mini-map. Very useful property. Especially when some «smart guy» requires paying attention to the square A1 within a couple of minutes!

Installation and configuration
You can configure the mod settings in a file


You can configure the concealment of items such as command messages, regular messages, a click on the minimap, messages of destruction over the minimap.


disabling_chat.zip (90 Kb)

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