[1.0] Damage panel from Noobool


With each new update, the «World of Tanks» game is growing with new features and functions that are gradually replacing some of the mods. So the standard panel of damages was added, but not everyone liked it. Just for such people, we offer a damaging panel from Noobool for World of Tanks. And as our tests showed in real battles, there are differences, and for the better.



The informer demonstrates what damage the player’s technique has received, what kind of shell the enemy caused damage, the name of the enemy tank. Type of ammunition and armored vehicles duplicate graphic icons. Apparently, someone so easier to understand that the tank is such a powerful fire. If the enemy managed to arrange a fire, then this is also marked by a symbol. The panel itself and the damage data are carefully selected in a contrasting white font with a black border. Such data will be visible in the snow of the «Polar region» and on the grass «Malinovka». One more innovation can be opened in the process of confrontation. At the moment when the enemy shell hits the player’s tank, the damage figures and the name of the technique appear.


DamagePanel Noobool (610 Kb)

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