[1.4.1] Dumadidak Clear Hangars


Very simple hangar for the world of tanks from Dumadidak, which works in both premium and non-premium into account. The hangar is very minimalistic, black and everything is seen only your tank. This hangar is to reduce the load on the processor and memory.

With the last update was added 14 hangar different variations with different coating around the tank in the form of grass, various types of stone, checkerboard, herbs, and so forth. You can switch between them right in the hangar with a single click.

Copy the folder res_mods in the game folder.


minimal_hangar_5.zip (5.64 Mb)

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One thought on “[1.4.1] Dumadidak Clear Hangars

  1. BP OMowe

    This is a 9.13 mod rebranded as 9.15 without any updating done.
    The minimal_hangar_14.zip will simply crash the game to desktop before reaching the log-in screen.

    minimal_hangar_5.zip will do the job though, as long as you are looking for a way to reduce CPU-load and are content with a totally black background.

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