[0.9.16] Enhanced HD MiniMaps by locastan & ShuraBB


Hello everyone!

Beautiful and very useful minimap mod for World of Tanks. From the outset, the development of the card player dealt Artasan, but eventually was transferred by the user minimap Locastan. So it turns out in this fashion two authors: locastan + ShuraBB. I think they tried not in vain, and this modification will help the game interface.

HD_MiniMaps_config_Artasan_&_Locastan HD_MiniMaps_config_Artasan_&_Locastan_2

Res_mods folder placed in the root of the game

Download HD MiniMaps + config locastan + ShuraBB:

minimap-locastan-HD.zip (30.72 Mb)

Below are popular custom configuration of the mini-map

IMPORTANT! All of them are installed on the already established mod clever mini-maps! To install, copy the file to hdminimap.xml World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\hdminimap\, confirming the replacement.


Locastan-v1The minimap in the style of the XVM ShuraBB

config-minimap_Locastan-v1.zip (4.7 Kb)

The minimap in the style of the XVM ShuraBB

ShuraBBThe minimap on the center of the screen: left CTRL.

config-minimap_ShuraBB.zip (4.7 Kb)

Config from TAHK_BoBaH

TAHK_BoBaHThe minimap on the center of the screen: K.

config-minimap_TAHK_BoBaH.zip (4.7 Kb)

Config from NooBooL
Config from 4ernomorec

4ernomorecThe minimap on the center of the screen: Caps Lock.

config-minimap-4ernomorec.zip (4.7 Kb)

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