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Hello everyone!

Mod pack from the player «FireBird», he gathered 20 of the best mods for World of Tanks 0.9.12. FireBird – this is a very well-known player on the American server, I think he knows what fashion in the first place need players. Download the latest version of the mod pack you can have for free. Many players are very praise this set of add-ons, so do not even think and download. Enjoy the game!

Firebeard_0.9.7_1g_fire_death firebeard_0.9.7(9) firebeard_0.9.7(8) firebeard_0.9.7(7) firebeard_0.9.7(6) firebeard_0.9.7(5) firebeard_0.9.7(4) firebeard_0.9.7(3) firebeard_0.9.7(2) firebeard_0.9.7(1)

Mods List:

  • XVM statistics;
  • Shell type detection;
  • Improved after battle statistics and session battle statistics;
  • Destroyed tanks are grey and therefore more visible;
  • Improved targeting reticles and TD angle (J1mB0’s);
  • Transparent damage panel with more noticeable fire warnings;
  • Large map on pressing CTRL;
  • Visible flatbed rail carts;
  • Accurate damage indicator;
  • Removes scope shadow;
  • Zoom out further;
  • 3D tank icons;
  • Platoon levels visible;
  • 2 lines of tanks in garage;
  • Safeshot to prevent shooting enemies who have just died or teammates;
  • Remembering of Equipment setup for camo, binocs and repair kit.

Changes of 0.9.9a:

  • Updated to XVM nightly 4627
  • Updated tank icons
  • Updated Messages and session statistics
  • Updated TessuMod
  • Removed hangar that is now missing textures
  • Updated Himicats Damage Indicator

Changes 0.9.7a

  • Updated XVM to nightly 4180
  • Replaced Spotting Indicator with DirIndicator

Changes 0.9.6e:

  • Added Crew skills informer
  • Added Replay Manager
  • Added Change Hangar mod
  • Updated XVM and config
  • Updated MCT
  • Changed to zoom out more in artillery mode

How To install:

  1. Download and unzip the archive
  2. Copy the folder «res_mods» to the root of the game, confirm the replacement!
  3. If you have no XVM statistics showing you need to login to

Download FireBeard’s Modpack:

FireBeard’s Modpack (34.82 Mb)

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3 thoughts on “FireBeard’s Modpack

  1. Grumpy

    What a shit set of mods… all that bullshit on the screen you cannot see what you are doing…. WTF kid?

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