[9.22] GIACINT sight for World Tanks


Sight GIACINT for World of Tanks. It is suitable for sniping, artillery and arcade game modes. The sight made in blue and white color scheme, without duplicating and other information.

Advantages sight GIACINT:

  • does not merge with any terrain (snow, leaves, sand)
  • lack of backup and other information (the number of shells, tanks hit points, range, percentage of health, the band recharge grid-scale)
  • absolute clarity of the image in post-mortem mode (the best choice for streamers during camera switching between players)
  • Do not drop from the standard FPS sight WG
  • the most minimalist game
  • instantaneous adaptation and comfort in combat


P.S. Timer recharge in seconds situated at the bottom of the panel shells, as well as by holding down the Ctrl key shows the total recharge time tools.

Install sight:
Copy the folder scaleform to your local disk path:
X:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\new version of the game\gui\scaleform\
If you do not have a folder gui, then it is necessary to create your own.

Download GIACINT sight for World Tanks 9.22:

giacint.zip (2.56 МВ)



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