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Hello everyone!

Introducing the new Mod Pack with which you can install only the necessary additions to the game World of Tanks. ModPack was developed by the author and gkarageorgos for this emu big thanks. Enjoy all the pleasures of mods.


  • XVM
  • GKstd’s XVM 6th sense Sounds 10sec
  • Deegie’s Sights remake by GKstd’s v8.5 Blue version
  • Deegie’s Sights remake by GKstd’s v8.5 Green version
  • J1mB0’s Crosshair
  • Harpoon Sights En
  • MeltyMap’s MathMod
  • Team Roughneck’s Gunsights
  • YasenKrasen Session Statistics v1.9.6.1 English
  • Locastan’s Session Statistic v96a
  • Xft DamagePanel + integrated GKstd’s hitlog v0.13
  • GambitER DamagePanel + + integrated GKstd’s hitlog
  • PMOD (#14-2)
  • GKstd’s Barracks Crew Flags Icons v1.3
  • GKstd’s Crew Big Medals v2.0
  • GKstd’s Tech TreeVehicle Colors v1.3
  • Gun Constraints
  • Effective Armor Calc and BattleTimer
  • Debug Panel (Time,FPS,Lag)
  • Accurate Damage Indicator small
  • AutoTelescope
  • Kriegstreiber’s AutoEquipPRO v1.01
  • ATAC (Max Distance 100m)
  • Progress Indicator TextMod
  • Safe Shot
  • Team HP Pool Bar
  • Battle Chat with Scroll
  • Big Hot Keys for Consumables
  • Battle Assistant for SPG (Activation ‘G’ key)
  • RTAN Mod – In Game Medal Display Eng
  • Replays Manager Eng
  • Armoring Extended
  • Spotted Extended v2.01 (DLC)
  • Crew Extended v3.04
  • Vehicle Experience Extended v2.01
  • Direction Indicator Extended v1.06
  • Nostalgic Carousel Sort Tank
  • Grandpa’s shell icons
  • GKstd’s UP Sounds v0.9.6 v2.2
  • GKstd’s Enemy Signed Sounds v0.9.6 v2.2
  • locastans UT Voice_Gen2 (Only battle time announcer)
  • Kriegstreiber’s Traverse Sounds v1.961
  • Kriegstreiber’s Engines v3 PRE 1
  • Kriegstreiber’s Gunsounds v3.083
  • Kriegstreiber’s Hitsounds v3.021
  • Update Notification Box from GKstd’s Mod Pack



shot_2 shot_3 shot_4 shot_6 shot_1

Video Demonstration:

YouTube Preview Image

Colors for vehicle icon contours, damage panel receive damage log and hit log
Heavy Tank
Medium Tank
Light Tank
Tank Destroyer

How To install:

  1. Download and unzip the archive.
  2. Copy and paste the folder “res” and “res_mods” to the root of the game.
  3. Active Stats here: http://www.modxvm.com/en/
  4. Install the necessary fonts in the folder “Fonts”

Changelog v.2.5 (16/04/2015):

  • [Installer] – Update: Change DLC Path – Please uninstall first preview version
  • [XVM Mods] – Updated: Contour Icons Style 1
    – Updated: Contour Icons Style 2
    – Updated: Contour Icons Style 3
    – Updated: Contour Icons Style 4
  • [Other Mods] – Update: RTAN Mod – In game medal display Eng
    – Update: GKstd’s Tech Tree Vehicle Colors v0.9.6 (DLC)

Changelog v1.8:

  • Fixed the Error (Access violation at address XXXXXXXX in module GKstdModsPack_0.9.6 Version 1.7) during the installation

Changelog v1.5:

  • Updated : XVM 6.0.2
  • Added : Wn8 Color scale by wotLabs
  • Added : GKstd’s Contour Icons Style 4
  • Added : Kriegstreiber’s AutoEquipPRO v1.01
  • Added : Direction Indicator Extended v1.06

Download GKstd Mods Pack:

GKstd ModPack (46.7 Mb)



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