[0.9.18] Gleborg modpack v. 0.1


We offer a free download of the updated assembly mods Gleborg for WoT. Mod pack in magnitude is not very big, but it’s also very useful. In it you will find useful add-ons that qualitatively improve your game. Mod pack fully updated for the latest version of the game.

What is included in the assembly of the mods Gleborga?

  • Changing the default scope, which now has a timer reload.
  • Customized XVM-lite. without displaying statistics, but with improved markers Logue application and gain
  • levels, as well as showing the number of invaders on the base.
  • The new panel damage. Not very different from the standard version, but still looks quite cute.
  • Posleboevaya extended statistics. How much is left fighting to increase winning percentage, other important indicators, the account team damage and many other functions. Indispensable for any player who has the care of their statistics.
  • Statistics for the session to WOT – after you run the client, after each battle, you’ll see what your winning percentage in the session and how many credits you have earned\spent.

It is recommended that a clean install, since XVM changed the structure of folders (folders xvm no more).

How to install modpack from Gleborg for World of Tanks?

  1. Unpack the archive, copy the folder 0.9.x and xvm.
  2. Go to the folder with the client game world of tanks on the way world of tanks/res_mods.
  3. Insert the previously copied folder 0.9.x and xvm a folder res_mods.
  4. Start the game as usual.

Download Mod Pack from Gleborg for World of Tanks:

modpack-gleborg.zip (669 KB)


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