[] Grandpa’s Damage and HitLog (No XVM)


The famous player «Grandpa» has created a useful and practical mod — Damage and HitLog, which does not require XVM. This mod adds a Damage Log (who you hit) and a HitLog (who hit you) to the standard Damage Panel configuration. Will also work with many of the custom damage panel configurations such as Gambiter and Kokabg.

Main features:

  • Informative HitLog (Who you hit)
  • Damage log (Who hit you)
  • Hit message

More screenshots:

Grandpas-Damage-and-HitLog-No-XVM-580x496 Grandpas-Damage-and-HitLog-No-XVM-580x326 Grandpas-Damage-and-HitLog-No-XVM1-580x326

How to install:

  1. Download and unzip the archive.
  2. Install the fonts.
  3. «Res_mods» folder copy and paste into the root of the game.

Download Grandpa’s Damage and HitLog:

Damage_Hitlog (4.52 Mb)

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