[] Grandpa’s KISS Interface


Simple and intuitive Battle Interface for Peace tanks. With it, you get a lot more information about your allies and enemies. In addition, you’ll know exactly got the damage and how much of it dealt to them. The package also includes the minimap.

The current version is for:
Game Version:
XVM Version: 7.6.3

640x400-images-wot-mods-kissv3 640x400-images-wot-mods-battle 640x400-images-wot-mods-battle_loading

Both XVM Configurations contain the following features:

  • Using latest XVM Client, fully customizable in the via XVM
  • Custom Over Target Markers (OTM) via XVM, stock markers can be used
  • Custom minimap via XVM configuration
  • Battle Loading Background Screens included
  • Custom vehicle contour icons, other icons can be used
  • MyHitLog show the hits you make on the enemy
  • Custom damage panel and hit log shows the hits you have taken and damage to components
  • Capture Flag indicator
  • Custom ammo, artifact, and crew icons
  • Custom tank icons in the hangar

After download, copy the res_mods directory in the archive to your World of Tanks game folder.
Go to XVMMOD.COM and activate statistics.


KISS XVM (16.56 Mb)



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