[1.4.1] HARDscope v.11 Historical sights for WoT


HARDscope — a collection of eight historic sights for arcade and sniper mode. Sights include the timer reload and information about the target. eight historical (sniper and arcade) sights with reload timer and information about the target.


  • Sights include 19 historical sighting grids USSR, Germany, the United States and one mesh France
  • All settings of the sight contains only configuration file HARDscopeSetting.xml
  • Selecting sighting grids through a configuration file
  • Blackout introduced in sniper scope and its transparency is regulated via a configuration file
  • Focusing on the opponent as a white crosshair
  • At gunpoint present information:
    Digital Rangefinder (Distance to target)
    Information about the purpose (type of tank and Nick player)
    Timer and cooldown
    Indicator of strength in% (CP)
    indicator ammunition
    Animation projectile when recharging.

2665470 2665421 2665449

Changes from 12.19.2015

  • Added fix from P0LIR0ID for correct display of CP in the “Fight to the last

Changes from 22.04.2015

  • Added files to adjust the sight in the hangar


  • Extract from the archive folder res_mods in the game folder … \ World_of_Tanks confirm the replacement of files and merge folders.

Download HARDscope v.11 Historical sights for WoT 1.4.1:

HARDscope (684 Kb)

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3 thoughts on “[1.4.1] HARDscope v.11 Historical sights for WoT

  1. L.Eriksson

    Used this mod for my Tigers before but after 9.7 it change all menu into russian, not so good as I do not speak russian. :( reinstall was the only to do :((

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