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Hello tankers!

We present to your attention the mod from the famous author of Hawg’s. Many players know this user by popular fashion – Alternative XVM Hawg. The author’s modes are completely legal and are not forbidden by game developers. Each of the mods for WoT has its own benefits for the game, and undoubtedly helps a lot in combat. Modpak includes all the most useful author’s fashion in the amount of more than 30 pieces. Download modpack – means get everything you need for a comfortable game.

There are 30 mods inside:

  • Xvm from author
  • x60 zoom
  • Arty zoom out
  • Hawg’s AutoLogin
  • Hawg’s Average Damage indicator
  • Battle Score
  • Damage Log from Hawg
  • Hawg’s 2 to 4 row Carousel
  • High Caliber indicator
  • Hitlog from modder
  • Platoon icon markers
  • Tank Sky Zoom Out
  • Mod Postmortem Helper
  • Mod Total HP Tracker
  • Sixth Sense mod
  • Real Time Battle Score
  • Contour Icons from
  • Blue Sky Dome
  • Damage Indicator
  • Hawg’s Damage Panel
  • Paintball
  • Mod Small Carousel Flags
  • Hawg’s RadialMenu
  • Hawg’s UnderWater
  • Hawg’s WOT players button
  • Mark of Excellence from author
  • Army Shell’s

Hawgs_modpack_2 Hawgs_modpack_3

In addition, the author does not forget to add new mods and constantly updates this package to the actual version of the game. Only the best and most practical mods for the game World of Tanks.


Hawg’s modpack (55 MB)

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