[] HD minimap (formerly HD minimap Gen 4 from locastan)


Wonderful minimap the player locastan for World of Tanks. HD mini-map is included in the mod pack «Complete Pack», but we offer download this mod separately. The latest version has been enhanced HD resolution up to 900×900 pixels. Map of locastan play will be much more convenient, because you know exactly where your enemy or allies. In addition to the minimap shows the last place glare enemy.



  • Full support for standard features minimap (display command “attention”, “fire support”, “need help”, etc.);
  • Two versions of the mini-map display: standard (resizable) and increase (displayed by pressing a hot key);
  • Setting information is displayed in the standard and extended minimap;
  • The exact calculation of the review of the tank (including the installed equipment, consumables, and his crew pumped perks);
  • Adjustable additional text display is targeted range coverage;
  • Standard and alternative form of icons of tanks;
  • Scalable icons corresponding to the type of technology (LT, ST, TT, PT, SAU);
  • Scalable icons related accessories to the player’s team (ally with the platoon, the enemy);
  • Showing place last glare of the enemy;
  • Customizable icon Last glare opponent (display, color, clarity);
  • Icon corresponding to the last enemy glare type technology (LT, ST, TT, PT, SAU);
  • Icon (Skull) is displayed at the time of the destruction of the tank (switched off if required);
  • Customizable icon label art (size and color);
  • Setting the information entered in the icon label tanks (model equipment, player’s nickname, model + nick, nick + model);
  • Setting information output in icon label tanks depending on the type of combat;
  • Adjustable range rings (color, clarity, style of drawing: point, dotted line);
  • The dynamic range of “radius of the review of the tank”, which is calculated based on the installed options and pumped perks crew;
  • Customizable circle range missiles ACS;
  • Customizable circle drawing objects (564m);
  • Customizable circle “lit up on X-rays;
  • Tunable laser in the direction of the gun barrel, and the direction of the body techniques (color, clarity, style of drawing: point, dotted line);
  • Adjustable sighting marker for ACS to the point of impact;

How to install:

  • Place the downloaded archive in your World of Tanks game folder, usually …/games/World_of_ Tanks/

Changes of 9.14:

  • Adaptation to version 0.9.14 client.
  • Transferring a configuration file to a new location: \res_mods\configs\BBMods\hdminimap.json

Changes of 9.13:

  • Updates HD-library cards.
  • Removed excluded from the customer’s card and added a new card «industrial zone».

Changes of 9.9:

  • Fixed the python parts for 0.9.9.
  • Added the changed Swamp minimap.

Changes of 9.7:

  • Added the new Map Overlord.
  • Reworked the flash part of the mod because of the new stronghold consumables (artillery strike / air strike).

Changes 96a:

  • Fixed a problem with crewmember roles if two of them have the same skill/perk. (Thank you kastiil93.)

Download HD minimap:

Only mod
HDMinimap.zip (44.83 Mb)

The original idea and development: locastan
The official website for mod: http://bb-t.ru/hdminimap/


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2 thoughts on “[] HD minimap (formerly HD minimap Gen 4 from locastan)

  1. _Xelor_

    I do’t know it’s just for me or others but in update for 9.7 on the map enemy 7-9 tank destroyers have square instead triangle when they are spotted. Please fix it :)

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