[1.0] Hit Zones of ammunition and fuel tanks


Qualitative penetration zone for the World Tanks.

With this mode, you’ll know exactly where the combat pack and fuel tanks that will set fire to blow up tanks and ammunition. These skins are very useful, they can increase the likelihood of destruction of enemy tanks.

As seen in the screenshot below, the fuel tanks are marked dark pink and ammunition put into a skin in the form of icons turquoise shells.

hit_zones_4 hit_zones_3 hit_zones_2 hit_zones_5

Copy the folder scripts and vehicles in WOT /res_mods/1.0/

Download Hit Zones of ammunition and fuel tanks:

Weak spots fuel tanks (287 Mb)

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9 thoughts on “[1.0] Hit Zones of ammunition and fuel tanks

  1. best tank

    lol, still no download possible

    You don’t have permission to access /uploads/files/d/hitzones.rar on this server.

  2. Matorako

    Do you know that your installation instructions are very bad? Even the installation txt is saying something else. In this 7z folder there is only one – vehicles folder…no gui or scripts…so where to copy the vehicles folder?? pls

  3. BetoZed

    Don’t download, there is not 1 hitzone mod working, and the reason is, that they upload the old hit zones, this mode is from the 0.8.? like patch, so thats why some models work, but 70% of the tanks doesen’t, they are just tired for reworking the mod.

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