[1.4.1] Advanced HitLog



We have already laid out on the site such fashion that show information about the damage you deal in real-time. Now we offer to download a full version of this modification. Besides, this mod works without XVM, which means that it will not lower the FPS


How to install:

Copy the folder scripts from the archive in the WOT/res_mods/1.4.1/.


HitlogAnnouncer.zip (84 Kb)

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4 thoughts on “[1.4.1] Advanced HitLog

  1. Cwelle

    You’ll have to edit file: mod_HitlogAnnouncer.json.

    Replace line 63 with:
    “format”: “Total{Total}\nLast{Last}\nHits-Fired{Hits} vs {ShotsFired}“,

    Replace lines 77 to 82 with:
    “1”: “AP”,
    “2”: “APC”,
    “3”: “HE”,
    “4”: “HC”,
    “5”: “APCR”,
    “6”: “HEAT”

  2. Fidan

    I’ve translated the text in the json file and saved it of course but in-game nothing changes, it is still in Russian. Any help?

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