[] Icons tanks from Wasja


Icons tanks from Wasja for are made with the standard layout of icons. These added nations icons and some processed colors denote types of tanks. The archive of icons two versions will be available:

  • tanks icons with badges of Nations
  • tank icon with no signs of Nations

Icons_tanks_from_Wasja_3 Icons_tanks_from_Wasja_2 Icons_tanks_from_Wasja_1

In each embodiment, there are two main versions of icons: Heavy tank — yellow and Heavy tank — brown. As well as two versions of the additional icons that were made at the request of tank: LT — turquoise, CT — dark green.

Copy the folder in the gui WOT/res_mods/

Important! Additional color icons CT and LT are set only on the basic version.


Ikonki_ot_Wasja.zip (4.4 Mb)

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