[1.4.1] Improved standard Sight (Crosshairs)


The sight in the World of Tanks — this is a very important element of the game interface, it depends on your accuracy on the target. And I think almost every one of you not very happy with the standard sight World of Tanks, because he does not show the degree of magnification, the strength of the tank, the time of flight of the projectile and charge.

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Thus was created an improved standard sight for World of Tanks especially for those who are looking for the standard sights with improved functionality.

What is new is added from the original:

  • the projectile in the art sight
  • added output strength of the tank
  • the percentage strength of the tank
  • fold zoom sniper scope
  • the height of the sight in the art mode

Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT /), confirming the replacement.


uluchshennyj_pritsel.zip (1.73 Mb)


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