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Hello everybody! We want to offer a fairly effective mod, which should significantly increase combat statistics. This modification is used by a lot of World of Tanks players. The mod itself consists of two separate mods — «X-ray» and «Tundra». In the archive you will find a mod which deprives the vegetation map and the rengen mode.

Mod Tundra is a forbidden modification that removes all vegetation from the battlefield. This includes both trees with crowns and bushes. The advantage can not be overestimated, for example, owners of anti-tank gunners can aim at a marker, which is not too convenient, but completely on the tank, because the survey will not block vegetation. And if you consider that the PT-ACS in most cases are firing from behind the shelters, then an experienced player will immediately understand all the advantages. In Indigo mod an interesting algorithm of Tundra’s work is implemented — in the arcade mode, all foliage is preserved, the shutdown occurs only with sniper aiming, which allows to preserve the realism of the game. However, using the Numpad 3 key, the foliage is disabled in the arcade mode of the game.

The second component of the Indigo is the X-ray. If you play without cheats, then the outlines are visible only to the Allies, and the stroke of opponents is turned on only when the gun is aimed at the tanker. With the help of X-ray, this restriction is ignored and contours are always shown, as, for example, in the screenshot below, it shows that the Soviet and French tanks are clearly visible even through the terrain. Thanks to the X-ray, you can quickly understand which way the rifle’s weapon is turned and how the tank body is located.

Tundra screenshots


X-ray screenshots

X-ray_screenshots_3 X-ray_screenshots_2 X-ray_screenshots_1


  1. Download the mod
  2. Go on a way: World_of_Tanks\res_mods\


Indigo mod (256 Kb)

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