[0.9.22] J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod v.1.22 for WoT


Redesigned, optimized it and added various other very useful things. Main feature is reload timer and angles for Artillery and Tank Destroyers.

Two aim circles increase ability to hit the target without aiming fully if used correctly. Outer circle covers 100% of all hits and inner circle covers 68% of all hits.
World of Tanks v0.9.22 ready!

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Author: J1mB091


How to instal

Copy the «mods» folder to: «/…/World of Tanks/».

Files from optional folder put inside:

arty and aim “/…/World of Tanks/mods/x.x.x.x/J1mB0″
UGN aka Gun Constraints “/…/World of Tanks/”

Changelog 1.55

  • World of Tanks v0.9.14 supported
  • avatar_input_handler.xml removed

Changelog 1.46

  • ProSights replaced by custom Python script


YouTube Preview Image

Download J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod for WoT:

J1mB0_s_Crosshair_Mod_v1.22 (1.98 Mb)

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