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New build popular mods in modpack from Jove to patch World of Tanks. This modpack very easy to use, everything is done at a very high level. In fact, you download only the installer, where you can select the desired mode by putting on against him tick. When you hover over the name of fashion, you will see a screenshot, so much easier to navigate what you install. All the best fashion for World of Tanks can be downloaded for free.

In advanced Modpak from Jove to patch includes such fashion:

  • “Olenemer” – This mod brings all the statistics about the player (the number of fights, efficiency and winning percentage).
  • “Sprockets” utility and dangerous player.
  • Superior Zoom X25 – mod allows in sniper mode to exercise closer to 25 times.
  • Superior Armor Calculator – shows the penetration of your shell, taking into account the thickness of the armor of an enemy tank and tilt his armor plates.
  • Counter efficiency WN8. Shows progress in efficiency directly in combat.
  • Lamp shells in a battle of panel damage Zayaz.

Classic fashion Modpack Jove:

List of mods:
1. Convenient sights:
– How do Jove
– minimalistic
– turquoise
– sight Flash
– sight Amway921
– sight Murazora
– sight Dezertoda
– white sight
– Sight “Mjölnir”
– The sight is a la Ghost Recon
– Super-sight from MeltyMap
– Art-sight “sword of Damocles”
– Art-sight “TAIPAN”
– Reduction as K. Oreshkina
– The reduction of the angle of entry of the projectile

2. Useful things in action:
– Remove dirt from Snipe. sight
– Direction indicator shelling
– Disabling random shooting
– adjustment range finder
– Calculator their armor
– Increase the time to display images “Sixth Sense”
– The direction of the trunks on the mini-map (strongly affects FPS)
– Circle of 15 meters from the tank

3. The angles of traverse:
– area
– semicircle
– large semicircle
– from MeltyMap

4. Information panel:
– Recharge and review
– simple panel
– Colour bar

5. Panel Damage:
– How do Jove
– Interface from zayaz
– Panel from GambitER
– Panel from marsoff

6. Combat chat:
– The message “I lighted!”
– message history

7. The bell crit
– Seclusion

8. Camera + free camera from WG:
– NoScroll – wheel does not switch to sniper mode
– Disabling dynamic camera shake
– 4-step sniper scope (X16)

9. Change the look:
– Disabling camouflage and inscriptions
– Skins with areas of penetration
– “White corpses” of tanks and wagons
– Colored decals shells hit
– Bright F / D platform on maps
– White downed tracks

10. Increased visibility

11. Improvements in the hangar:
– Statistics gaming session
– Vertical tree development
– List of tanks in series 2-3-4
– Displaying the fighting in the platoon
– Ping
– Detailed descriptions of the skills
– watch
– Superior list of battles on the GC
– Remembering the last server

12. An integrated fashion XVM:
– Number HP teams in the ears (can plant FPS)
– Asterisk indicator of danger Player
– Alt. Markers Markers + techniques focus / protection purpose.
– Mini-map with sonar
– Log personal damage
– Markers glare in the ears of the team: three options
– Seven different images perk “The Sixth Sense”
– Voice “sixth sense”: quiet, medium and loud.
– Postproduction timer 10 seconds after the glare
– Alt. Icons tanks in the ears team

13. Alt. mini-map with euros server.
14. WoT Tweaker Plus – a program to raise the FPS
15. Maud for streaming video on Twich.tv
16. Experimental mod “Manager replays”. Helps you to comfortably watch your fights!

Changes in the new version modpacks

Download Jove mod pack World of Tanks:

JovesModPack v40.4 (220.42 Mb)


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