kodos modpack v1.0 Eng/DE


This package was created player additions under the name «kodos». The mod pack includes a number of useful mods that will ensure a comfortable game in World Of Tanks 0.9.8. You get a lot of useful features as on the battlefield and in the hangar. Reworked panel damage, map, and also a lot of changes in the hangar. Download and enjoy.


Mods List:

  • Horizontal TechTree
  • Statistic
  • MiniMap with tank names; view range
  • Contour Icon Mod
  • Zoom
  • No Scroll Mod
  • Colored Damage Sticker
  • Premium Hangar without Premium account
  • Damage Panel with repair timer; fire message
  • Damage Indicator
  • Hitlog (xvm)
  • Crosshair with reload timer
  • OTM with turret marker, fly away damage (xvm)
  • Advanced Base Capture bar (xvm)
  • Load whole Crew to an empty tank

Hangar Mods:

  • Compact horizontal TechTree
  • Premium Hangar without Premium account
  • Statistic Mod (from lolcastan, modified
  • Load whole Crew to an empty tank (xvm)

kodos_modpack_11 kodos_modpack_10 kodos_modpack_9 kodos_modpack_8 kodos_modpack_7 kodos_modpack_6 kodos_modpack_4 kodos_modpack_3 kodos_modpack_2kodos_modpack_5

Download kodos modpack:

kodos-modpack-0.9.8-V-1.0.zip (11.27 MB)
kodos-modpack-HUD-0.9.8-V-1.0.zip (11.25 MB)

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