[] kodos xvm-minimap only


Minimap which was taken from Kodos ModPack. It is compatible with the latest version of the game World of Tanks This mod changes the usual form of a standard mini-map and adds a few extra features. Which allow the player to see the names of tanks, the last location on the map and more. Autor: kodos + wotsite



  • 50m Spotting Circle
  • Tank Names
  • Platoon Member Nick Names
  • Last Position Marker
  • max. Arty Range
  • max. Draw Distance
  • max. Tank View Range


  • VCM updated to stable version;
  • made improvements, fixed bugs;
  • adapted to;

Content placed in a folder with the game: World of Tanks \, confirming the replacement.

Download kodos xvm-minimap only:

kodos-minimaponly- (10.53 Mb)
Minimap+Hitlog (several versions) (21.5 Mb)

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