Marakasi modpack


Very powerful and useful mod pack from the user Maracasi for World of Tanks. A distinctive feature of this assembly can be considered, what it contains only the desired player mode and additions. It simply does not have mods that would interfere with the player, “stoop” other tankers, besides fashion pack from Maracasi does not load the game client WoT.

In the words of Maracasi, his mod pack helps the player to be better than others, and at the same time does not burden the user extra information. In a set of mods you can find a working xvm olenemer, it shows statistics of enemies and allies. Just in the assembly have a good sight turquoise, and a great panel damage from hare.

List of mods:

  • Minimalist sight, there are also other sights to choose from;
  • Damage panel shows who and what you shoot at;
  • Crit sound and operation sound skill sixth sense;
  • damage indicator;
  • Clever mini-map shows an overview of your tank, and where the light of recent times enemies;
  • New light;
  • ENT to Fri sau and arts;
  • Information panel on the tank when the mouse;
  • Message history;
  • Mod disables the haze on the cards, increases the FPS increases visibility;
  • Maud removes blackout in sniper mode;
  • Mod two rows of tanks;
  • Maud rose teams;
  • Icons tanks with names;
  • Golden icons prem tanks;
  • Ping and fps in combat;
  • Watches in angrae;
  • Vertical tree development;
  • Tips to Perk;
  • Detailed statistics for the session;
  • New winter hangar with the change of day and night;
  • Removed the effect of falling into the tank;
  • The maximum distance the camera;
  • Zoom modes in sniper mode;
  • Auto landing crew;
  • Removed intro;
  • Ping servers angrae;
  • Mod disables rocking tank;
  • New beautiful pictures in the results of the battle.

Could something to forget a lot of mods. Ckachivaya installer, you can select a few mods to your taste.

How to install modpack from AnTiNooB for World of Tanks?

  1. Unzip the downloaded archive.
  2. Run the installer file (.exe).
  3. Follow the instructions in the installer and select the desired mode.
  4. Follow the instructions to finish the installation.
  5. Start the game as usual.

Download Mod Pack from Marakasi for World of Tanks:

ModPackMarakasi.exe (73.21 MB)


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