[] Minimap Extended for WOT


Minimap Extended — this mod with advanced settings for the minimap WOT This small modification allows you to set a standard minimap by adding to it the following functions:

  • hp on the minimap, without installing XVM;
  • separate display settings for HP enemies, allies and platoon, different filters by class technology;
  • the possibility of increasing minimap in the center of the screen by pressing the button (default Caps Lock);
  • the ability to include a circle of 50 m, so the title of X-rays, the setting color;

Minimap_Extended_3 Minimap_Extended_1

The main highlight of this mod is that it works without XVM and uses only the standard flash games files, so has no effect on FPS. Later, the author plans to expand the functional direction of fashion adding trunks on the minimap. Mod does not contain any prohibited functions and you can use it without fear of any consequences. Автор: PolarFox

Setting mod:
Customize mod can be in the file\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\MinimapExtended\Config.json, opened his advise using NotePad ++. There is a clear comments to help you understand the mod preferences.

Copy res_mods folder in the folder with the game, confirming the replacement.

Download Minimap Extended:

minimap-extended.zip (82 Kb)



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