[1.4.1] Mod ATAC for WoT


This mod warns you about approaching enemy when you are busy aiming enemies sniper or artillery modes. Mod is particularly relevant for fans of games on the ACS. You can get carried away so aiming enemies do not even notice driving up the side of the tank. Mod ATAS! will notify you about the enemies that are closer to you than 150 m. and you will always know where to turn to the enemy or run away from it.


The archive includes 3 options mode with different distances in which the events will be triggered:

  • 150 m.
  • 360 m.
  • 445 m.

The best option will be 150 meters. All the others will give you a false alarm, because the enemies can not even see you at such a distance as the 360 and 445 meters. But still the decision is yours. The mod is a completely legal and for its use, you will not get banned.

How to install:
Copy the folder scripts and system in WOT/res_mods/1.4.1/


mod-atas-wot.zip (300 Kb)

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