[] Mod for arty «Nezabutka» World of Tanks


Mod Nezabudka for Arty — remember the exact place last glare.

This mod was created specifically for fans of the game on the artillery in World of tanks. How does it work this mod? The essence of his work lies in the fact that he remembers the exact location of the enemy tank and reflects these data are not on the minimap, but directly in the artillery sight. After 30 seconds the token is lost, so as not to clutter up a picture of the battlefield.

Mod_arty_Nezabutka_2 Mod_arty_Nezabutka_3

You do not have to worry about completely legal fashion, as the Forget-me-fashion displays flashes machines. These artovody will surely appreciate the work of the guys from Warlance appreciated. Marker operation time can be set manually in wl_enemy_spot.json file. When editing the file, use Notepad ++ editor.


Mod-for-arty-Nezabudka.rar(0.31 Kb)

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