[1.4.1] Mod Pack from PROTanki v.49


We offer very high quality free download mods from the channel assembly PROTanki for World of Tanks. This modpake user can find a lot of useful mods that will facilitate the game each tank driver. Also in this assembly, there are modes which change the appearance of the game interface. The mod pack Pro Tanki includes over 100 mods for World of Tanks. Full list of mods can be seen below in the drop-down menu.


1. Sights for World of Tanks \ WoT \

  • Standard sight timer recharge \ Author STL1te \
  • Choice of Cyril Oreshkin
  • Select Flash \ from AtotIK \
  • Select Jovi \ OverCross from zayaz \
  • Select Murazora \ from J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod \
  • Korean sight \ deegie’s Sights \
  • Damocles Sword \ from AleksLee \
  • Select PROTanki \ Minimalistic Sights \
  • Minimalistic Sights for color blindness.

2. Angles traverse for ART-ACS and PT-ACS \ ENT \ Gun Constraints \

  • Corners
  • Direct bracket
  • Brackets as in the sights of Damocles Sword
  • rackets for color blindness.

3. Dashboard \ Info Panel \

  • Only recharge and review
  • Standard configuration
  • Color

4. Marker direction of attack of the enemy \ Damage Indicator \

  • With timer
  • For color blindness

5. The panel damage \ Damage Panel \

  • Custom Damage Panel;
  • Standard
  • Config from PROTanki
  • For color blindness
  • Maud combat intefeysa from zayaz
  • Round panel damage

6. Combat Chat \ Battle Messenger \

  • With a history of messages
  • With the system antispam
  • Received Damage Announcer \ log of the damage in the chat \

7. Disable blackout in sniper mode \ NoBinoculars \

8. The commander camera \ ZoomMod \

  • With the possibility of including rocking after firing \ return \
  • With the ability to turn off after a shot swing \ return \
  • With the ability to block the change of sights – NoScroll \ Disable regime change wheel \
  • ZoomX \ Multipositionalled sniper mode \
  • Server sight \ blue \ – ServerCross \ Additional server sight \

9. Modification of combat interface – XVM \ eXtended Visualization Mod \

  • Additional Configuration config
  • Standard markers games
  • Disconnect the line direction of the barrel of the tank on the minimap
  • Disable the details in the log for the damage done battle
  • Enable increase minimap button control \ Ctrl \
  • Turn off light up in the ears teams
  • Disable Ping servers
  • Disable the maximum square drawing tanks – 1000m
  • Replace the \ lamp \ “The Sixth Sense”

10. Increase the work Bulbs “The Sixth Sense” and 10 seconds!

11. The radial menu “Rose Team» \ Radial Menu \

12. Colored icons tanks \ Color Icons \

13. Ping and FPS \ DebugPanel \

14. Disable camouflage lettering \ Cammo Off \

15. Add Sounds

  • Automatic fire alarm
  • The bell crit;
  • Voice acting for The Sixth Sense hangar FASHION

16 Hours in the hangar with the date and day of the week

17. Advanced clues to skills and abilities of a tank crew

18. Maud colored messages \ YasenKrasen \

19. Extended statistics for the session \ Session Statistic \

20. Modify the line of tanks \ Multilined Tank Carousel \

  • Tanks in two rows
  • Tanks in three rows Compact tree research tanks[/su_spoiler]

How to install modpack from PROTanki for World of Tanks?

  1. Run the installer.
  2. Follow the instructions in the installer and select the desired mode.
  3. Follow the instructions to finish the installation.
  4. Start the game as usual.


  • If you use the mod for 3 marks, then be sure to update the modpack (there were jambs).
  • Added several new tanks in the Skins of the Esthete.


  • Updated mod Last Shot;
  • Updated the PCM mod in Combat;
  • Modpack is prepared for micro-update;


  • In this version, the following changes occurred:
  • XVM is updated to the release version 6.7.2
  • Updated ALL Custom Damage Panels
  • Updated PMOD
  • A lot of important updates for the micro patch


  • Modpak adapted to mikropatchu
  • Updated XVM to (old configuration can not be used): multi-row carousel avtosmena equipment and return the crew members, detailed hitlog and more.
  • Minimap is not ready yet, most of the functionality may not work (will be fixed in a future release)
  • Added info sheet events.
  • Updated all the fashion from PROTanki.
  • Updated modes White tanks destroyed.
  • Updated modes White kills caterpillars.
  • Fashion Updated Damage Log.
  • Updated all sights.
  • Updated tanks icon in the ears.

Updated to version 2.10.2015 # 1:

  • Updated versions Center (Fix for a rare empty box);
  • Added Mod Manager replays.

Download Mod Pack PROTanki for World of Tanks 1.4.1:

ModPack ProTanki (112.5 MB)


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