[] Mod: recharge time opponents and allies


Very useful mod that shows the time to recharge completion enemy tank in World of Tanks With it, you will be able to inflict maximum damage to your opponent at a time when he is helpless and can not strike back.

1415950333_shot_017 1415950328_shot_015

Modification displays information not only about the recharging of an enemy tank, but your teammates. So that you will know which of the allies need help. Mod has only one drawback, it is considered prohibited mod. Do not advertise screenshots and replays on public sites on the Internet.

Author: Lsdmax + Roughnecks

How to install:
To configure mod must be opened World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\scripts\client\mods\ ZJ_Mods\xml\ZJ_MRL.xml
If instead of numbers shows squares, you need to set font Latha


The enemies and allies reload timer (700 KB)

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