[0.9.7] Mod «Tanks for pumping»


Modification straight from the tin «Tanks Ride» for the World of tanks 9.7, which introduces changes in the graphical appearance of the tanks. Mod gives your vehicle a more modern look, is now on the tank will be displayed: Containers dynamic protection, remote-controlled machine-gun installations, complexes laser illumination purposes, and so on. N. The modification only affects the aesthetic side, and does not affect the gameplay.

Modification has been created with the support of the player Torsus_SD Wargaming and is a modern look at the «top» of the machine from World of Tanks. Mod «modernizes» ten tanks level X: EC-7, T-62A, E 100, E 50 M, T57, T110E4, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, FV215b (183), AMX 30 B, STB-1.

87261-screenshot-4 87261-screenshot-5 87261-screenshot-6 87261-screenshot-7 87261-screenshot-8 87261-screenshot-9 87261-screenshot-2 87261-screenshot-3

Which technique was modified:

  • Powerful and armored Ex-7 and E-100
  • Brisk and Dangerous T-62A and STB-1
  • Swift and stylish e-50M and AMX-30B
  • Rate and fast Bat.Chatillon 25t and T57 Heavy Tank
  • Armed to the teeth FV215b (183) and T110E4


  1. Run the installer
  2. Select the directory with the game
  3. Perform the installation

Download Mod «Tanks for pumping»:

WoT_PimpMyTanks_Mod_Setup.exe (112.33 Mb)


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