[1.4.1] Mod vegetation removal — SpeedTree


SpeedTree — mod for World of tanks 1.4.1, which removes all vegetation (grass, trees, foliage) from the game locations. This modification is considered the progenitor of the famous fashion — Tundra. Unlike Tundra mode, Spedtree has one great positive effect. It is ideal for players on weak computers, because it can significantly raise the frame rate per second (FPS).

SpeedTree_3 SpeedTree_1

In the archive, we added three versions of the modification: the first — removes all vegetation, the second — shrinks the foliage by 50 %, and the third — leaves only 25 % of the initial indicator of the number of «zelenok» on the map. Try all three versions on your system and choose the optimal solution for your style of play. If you are not a supporter of sitting in ambush and shooting from the bushes, then you can put the option without grass. In the event that the game on the PT is within the scope of your interests, then install the option 50 %. The third option is the golden mean between the two types of configuration described above.

We remind you that the mod refers to the section of prohibited changes for its use, you can be punished by a bank or an account. Also we recommend not to expose to Internet replays and screenshots of the game with the mod.


speedtree (10.6 Mb)



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One thought on “[1.4.1] Mod vegetation removal — SpeedTree

  1. WOTisRuBiased

    Not works. Need update.
    Roses are green, trees are RED.
    When will you gonna update, people gone mad.

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