Modpack by Nejo1337


Hello tankers!

Today, we found very interesting and easy modpack from gamer Nejo 1337. Modpack is fully compatible with the latest micro-patch from 04.01.2016. Author fashion did it for himself, but then I decided to share with everyone. The assembly includes a minimum number of mods that are needed for a comfortable game.


The list of modifications that went into modpack:

  • Server ping
  • 24h clock in hangar
  • Tanks displayed in 2 lines in hangar
  • XVM minimap
  • 16x zoom mod
  • spotted mod
  • 9sec Sixth sense
  • official Autoaim
  • damage panal



Modpack by Nejo1337 (28 MB)

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One thought on “Modpack by Nejo1337

  1. Mastergunner

    The mod is excellent. Light does not burden the system and working perfectly. Moreover, it is a simple player and just the effort it deserves. Well done :wink: :wink: :wink:

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