[] MoDPacK by NooBooL v0.3


Mods (modpack) from NooBooL for which contains only those modes that make your battle more convenient. Everything is aimed at making you comfortable, you have seen and understood everything.

If you wanted a beautiful combat interface, or design, this will not be here.

MoDPacK_by_NooBooL_5 MoDPacK_by_NooBooL_4 MoDPacK_by_NooBooL_3 MoDPacK_by_NooBooL_1 MoDPacK_by_NooBooL_6 MoDPacK_by_NooBooL_7

40 best modifications from the best authors in one assembly

mod «Helper»

  • Server jobs to connect
  • Remember last server
  • Automatic removal/installation of removable equipment
  • Automatic removal/installation of equipment
  • Automatic return of the last crew
  • The «manual» for the PT
  • «Multi-client» — the ability to play on all clusters
  • «The real circle of the scatter of the gun»
  • «Server Sight»
  • «Carousel of tanks» — adjustment of tank carousel
  • The duration of the display of the «6th sense» light bulb
  • Duration of display of indicators of fire
  • Disable the effect of shaking and flash when hit, the effect of inertia of the camera, kickback and shading in the sight.
  • Horizontal Stabilization Inclusions
  • Specifying the values ​​of snipe multiplicity. sight, fixed value of the multiplicity, the height of the camera above the tank, the limits of the possible distance of the camera, the size of the panels of the players (ears)
  • «Contacts» — selection of the player from the given list
  • The default setting of loans instead of gold for equipment and shells
  • Disabling the ability to use gold
  • Disabling the ability to use free experience

mod «Antitoxicity»

  • Filtering «combat commands», messages in the chat, clicking on the minimap, displaying commands on the minimap.
  • The ability to block commands from dead allies
  • Adjust the flashing time of the highlighted square. A customizable pop-up message filter in the hangar, messages in the system channel, messages above the minimap and messages above the hardware panel.
  • Filtering / Auto-replace message by template.
  • Ability to completely turn off chat in the replays. Adjust the display and «dissolve» the message.
  • Dimensionless «black list» and friends list
  • Dynamic Platoon Message Filter
  • A customizable pop-up message filter in the hangar, messages in the system channel, messages above the minimap and messages above the hardware panel.

mod «Battle Observer»

  • log damage
  • Damage panel
  • total CP in team
  • automatic multiplicity snipe. sight
  • fps/ping/lag panel
  • modified battle timer
  • modified capture bands
  • dynamic basic caliber
  • reduced armor calculator

mod «ButtonReplacer»

  • chat and kill-log
  • Extended Skills and Skills of the Crew
  • Extended description of Equipment and Equipment

mod «Lost time»

  • Statistics of loans, experience, damage, expenses, bonuses from reserves, penalties, time, combat effectiveness.
  • Detailed statistics of the last battle, the impact of the current session on the account.
  • mod light bulb (6 sense)
  • modes of wagons and cisterns
  • gearbox mode
  • increase visibility mode (removes fog)
  • mod icons of tanks (in the ears)
  • mode «gear» download
  • mode of HP in the ears
  • radial menu modes
  • mod critical angles of focusing
  • fashion watch (in hangar)
  • mode detection mode
  • mod «marks on the trunk»
  • mod compact tree tanks
  • mod to determine the nearest enemy
  • mod voice announcer of the light of the enemy
  • mod bell at cry
  • mode of audible warning about light
  • mod «GameOver Notify»
  • mod «Performance calculator»
  • mode direction of barrels on the mini-map
  • modes «safeShot»
  • mod «wiki-encyclopedia of tanks»
  • mod «black hangar»

Since recently, the author began to support his assembly without the XVM. It is much smaller than the FPS, and it has almost the same functions as the assembly with the XVM. This was achieved with the help of mods, which replace some of the features of XVM:

  • hit the log
  • smart mini-map
  • rating of effectiveness of players in battle
  • personal effectiveness rating, etc.


Move ALL files from the World_of_Tanks folder (from the archive) to the game folder


To avoid «misunderstandings» before installing the assembly
I strongly recommend that you make a backup copy of the folder res_mods


NooBooL_modpack.zip (24.1 Mb)

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