[1.4.1] Modpack Wot Fan (WGMods) #1


Hi gamers!

Today we want to offer you a new modpack called WOT Fan for WOT 1.4.1. It was created with the support of the official WGMods portal from Wargaming. It includes the most popular mods from the World of Tanks:

  • Mod for auto activation PCM — with it you will forever forget what activation PCM is.
  • Mod for improved indication of the auto-sight — always reminds you who auto-sight focus is
  • Mod tanks of the player in the hangar — places all the available tanks of the player in the hangar.


And also other, already well-known add-ons for the game: dozens of sights, bulbs, hangars, voiceovers and a lot of other interesting and useful mods. If you are playing on a weak computer, it does not matter, with the help of Modpack Wot Fan you can disable the additional effects that put FPS in the installer.

If you are a fan of the Wot Fan channel then be sure to install this assembly and you will always be aware of all new videos. After all, in the mod packet from Now Fang there is the WG Stream mod which will give you the opportunity to stream on the Tweets, as well as view all the new videos that were released on the official WG channels directly from the client of the game.

Installation Instructions

  • Run the installer
  • Choose the fashion you need
  • Make installation


WGMods_Essentials.zip (96.4 Mb)


  • adaptation for;
  • XVM: up to version 7.7.3-release.
  • PMOD: up to version # 35-3;
  • Tank experience: display of the status and description of LBZ.
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