[] New Colored Hit Zones


Entirely new zone entry for the World Tanks. Each color corresponds to a module for tank or crew member. By installing this mod, you can easily break through the enemy in the most vulnerable places. Skins support most popular tanks of different nations.

6 5 44 7

Hit Zones were developed for the following tanks:


Changes 9.17.1:

  • added to the Swedes tanks;
  • upgraded old tanks;

How to install:
Vehicles folder copy and paste into World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\

Download New Colored Hit Zones []:

hitzones (633 Mb)


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13 thoughts on “[] New Colored Hit Zones

  1. Jack

    its not possible to download this, the link jsut leads to a page with weird signs. that happen from all sites this mod link is posted….fail…

  2. Jutas

    Only few tanks are working… M4 Sherman works perfectly, but KV-1S, T-57 and others not working.

  3. oddball

    where on your site is the breakdown for the different colors ????? dont you think that would be the first fucking thing listed????? like purple = ammo ? or red = engine????? where is that informaion?????????

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