[] The Relhax Modpack (OMC 2.0)


Wonderful mod pack for the latest version of the game WoT. In it you will find a lot of useful things that should ease your game. Download and install the «The Relhax Modpack» you get XVM Config, the clock in the hangar, white corpses tanks, high-quality mini-map, vertical tree technology development and much more.

List mods:

  • Vertical TechTree by DmitriiS27
  • Millbarge Effect Reducer
  • HD Minimaps by Locastan
  • SixthSense SoundMod for XVM by Alastanka
  • Dead White Corpses
  • 3D Tank Icons by BlackSpy
  • Sword of Damokles by Alastanka
  • Info Panel (tweaked by nyomen)
  • Effective armor calculation from MeltyMap’s MathMod
  • ServerCrosshair + Zoomout
  • Damage Indicator (big) by poVitter
  • Damage Panel Interface by Dellux+DiessselL
  • Hangar Clock by dab97
  • Garage 2 rowed Carousel by Locastan
  • Battlescore v2 by KillerEnte95
  • eXtended Visualization Mod (XVM)
  • XVM Config by Grumpelumpf

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Installer supported languages:
Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish


  1. Download
  2. Run the Installer an select the components you want
  3. Let the Installer download the DLC and install them
  4. Launch the Game


YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Download The Relhax Modpack for WoT

The_Relhax_Modpack_Installer.exe (5.42 МВ)


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