[1.4.1] PMoD – a complex mode to improve gameplay


PMoD — is a complex mod to improve the gameplay for WOT. It is designed to facilitate your gameplay, making the game a variety of additional features to help you in battle.

It includes such fine tuning elements of the combat interface:

  • full customization commander camera
  • Fully customizable zoom sniper scope (multiple step, the number of positions)
  • setting off sniper scope Shift key and the wheel (No Scroll)
  • Eclipse setting (on / off)
  • taking away and shaking the camera sight
  • save the last selected server
  • make possible to display the current degree of magnification
  • sensitivity adjustment approach in the arcade, and Art sights
  • off remembering the last used multiplicity zoom sniper scope
  • increase the display time for the bulb
  • enable smooth scrolling camera in arcade mode
  • old with customizable FOV
  • Installation distancing camera from the tank at the start of the fight, and after death
  • statistics per session and per day
  • handbrake for the PT-ACS
  • off intro
  • dressing and removal of hardware with a single click
  • filter chat
  • Filter pop-up messages
  • automatic removal tools

All this is beautifully decorated in the configuration file with clear comments in the standard configuration and with a detailed config for each mode in the extended.


Not all modes are enabled by default! In order to enable the desired mode, see how to configure the P-mod below.

Setting P-MoD:
Ordinary users, we recommend using the standard version, there you will find all the necessary comments for setting fashion in a single file (WOT/res_mods/1.4.1/scripts/client/mods/PMOD.json).

To activate the desired module replace false to true.

In the extended version of the configuration files mods will lie here: WOT/res_mods/1.4.1/scripts/client/mods/P_MoD.

Configurations waste statistics:
If you want to afford a nice statistic per session or per night, we advise you to visit the Statistics for the session World of Tanks where you’ll find many different configuration options statistics for P-mod. To install it, you just need to copy the configuration of the set top fashion.

Copy the mods folder to WOT / (the folder with the game).


Pmod (2.36 Mb)


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